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Soul Association Assessment or Soul Connection Assessment

Are you connected or disconnected with your soul?

Soul Apprentice, Soul Whisperer, Soul Wizard or Soul Master?

“Don't Gain The World & Lose Your Soul,

Wisdom Is Better Than Silver Or Gold.”

 --Bob Marley

The Soul Association Assessment is a simple and innovative way to help you realize the relationship between your mind and your soul.

Why does it matter to you as an entrepreneur?
  •     Because your will to choose a path made of daring choices, greater possibilities and impactful results comes from spark you wish you could explain.
  •     Because you know that the feelings of building a dream out of one-time opportunity moments is priceless and you wish to learn how to
        share it concretely.
  •     And because challenging the status quo and overcoming the impossible isn’t something you’ve learned but more so something you know and you
        dream of offering it as a tangible legacy to your children and the children of your children.
Imagine your life as a business. Every day, you deal with a CEO and an executive director who are super-qualified to unfold your greatest life. YOU hired them for their outstanding capacities to envision, execute and work together as one exceptional dream-team.

Your Soul is your visionary CEO. Your ego is your most performant executive director. Both have two very different roles and both are uniquely essential to the exponential growth of your business. Your unfolding epic life depends on the quality of the collaboration of their individual genius.

While most of us have learned how to build a life by thinking of happiness as a variable, only a few have aspired to create a life made of happiness as a constant and from which to build a legacy.

This test is specifically designed for you whose mind sees visions of possibilities, finds ways to make them real and is ready to explore the world beyond them.

Dare to take a look at your soul and receive powerful insights about the real you. You are ready to embark on a journey into your truth and unleash a power beyond the power.
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Assessment Questions: